When trying to find the Best Hot Tub Cover, the first thing you might want to do is look at hot tub reviews on the Internet. While the reviews are typically focused on the hot tub itself, you can also glean a good deal of info on the cover that typically comes with it. Read on to learn more about what reviewers are saying about hot tub covers today.

Back in the old days, hot tub covers were totally flat and around two inches thick. The main issue with these types of covers occurs when the hot tub is outside. These flat covers can very easily become weighted down by snow, rain, and debris. This, in turn, causes significant sagging in the center of the cover. If a hot tub cover makes contact with the water consistently, it will begin to absorb the water inside the hot tub. It then becomes very difficult to remove due to the added weight. Waterlogged hot tub covers can be avoided now, thanks to the new advances in the field. You can order hot tub covers in virtually any thickness that you want today, but you are no longer restricted to the flat cover.

Today, you can also opt for tapered hot tub covers. These covers are specially designed to avoid the problems of their predecessors. Which a tapered hot tub cover, you don’t have to worry about sinking in the middle. These covers are designed to slough off the snow and water that would otherwise collect and weight the cover down. The center of the hot tub cover is raised up a bit so that the sloughing action can take place. This means that the Styrofoam core of the hot tub cover won’t ever be in contact with the water and become hopelessly waterlogged.

You can choose any type of tapered hot tub cover that you want, with varying levels of reinforcement and strength. While your new hot tub will come with a cover in some cases, you might want to check out a nice tapered cover if you want to have the best. If you expect your hot tub cover to stand up to regular punishment from the elements, a tapered cover is the way to go today!